Racist Comment Leads to Suspension for Appalachian State Tennis Player

John Wilson IV North Carolina A&T Tennis
Photo by: North Carolina A&T Athletics

At Cracked Racquets, we generally like to focus on the lighter side of tennis or the more analytical/nerdy parts of the sport.  Another priority, however, is to make sure our readers are aware of the biggest stories from around the tennis world, even when they may make us feel frustrated or uncomfortable…

John Wilson IV, student-athlete AND class president of NC A&T, tweeted this out on Sunday after their head-to-head match versus Appalachian State.

First of all, this kids got the full package. I can’t even imagine running for president of my college class, let alone winning. I remember back in 6th grade I ran for student council. I lost in a devastating campaign to Murphy Larou, so I have a lot of respect for this guy.

And I love how John knew exactly what he was doing, “black twitter, do ya thing.” He put two nails in Spencer Brown’s coffin the second he pressed “tweet”, and for good reason.

As I was reading the article detailing the unfortunate series of events I thought, “man, I guess John Wilson IV pummeled Brown for him to hurl such an unoriginal racist comment out like that.” Turns out, Spencer Brown won the match 6-1, 6-1.

After the comment was made, the Appalachian State coach responded, “…we have a black guy on our team.” Maybe the WORST response the coach could’ve possibly given in this situation other than “HAHA! Nice one, Spence!”

Update: Appalachian State apologized the following day, calling the behaviour “derogatory and offensive”.

Spencer Brown has been suspended indefinitely.

Tennis has had some pretty negative headlines the last few weeks….

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